200 Series 32" Weathervane

200 Series 32" Weathervane
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Item # : 200

Product Description

This weathervane is hand cast in rust free aluminum but still low in cost. The satin black finish is baked on for durability.

This size weathervane is recommended for use on an 24-30" high cupola, 2 car garage or medium seize home. The clutch base is adjustable and will fit most pitched roofs or cupolas.

The ornaments are shown in their natural color finish. (The #212 Locomotive is not available in natural color and the #285 Whale is it's own arrow and is only available in satin black).

Approx Height 32" x Arrow Length 23"
Arrow, directionals, mast, and base are baked satin black finish.
Priced complete with ornaments shown
3" flat base or threaded rod mount available upon request.

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