300 Series 32" Weathervane

300 Series 32" Weathervane
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Item # : 300

Product Description

This beautiful weathervane series has a more ornate mast with gold bronze globes. It is recommended for use on a 24" - 30" high cupola, 2-car garage or medium size home. The clutch base will fit most pitched roofs or cupolas.
The ornaments are shown in their natural color finish. (The #312 Locomotive is not available in natural color and the #385 Whale is it's own arrow and is only available in satin black).

Approx Height 32" x Arrow Length 23 1/4"
Arrow, directionals, mast, and base are baked satin black finish with gold bronze globes.
Priced complete with ornaments shown
3" flat base or threaded rod mount available upon request.

Ornament Dimensions:
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Ornament number is the last two numbers of the item code.

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