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Item # : 4C15S-HOP-P

Product Description

Product Details:

• Superior strength, corrosion resistance, and exceptional durability for outdoor installations.
• Pedestal-mounted 4C Collection / Drop Boxes are not approved by the U.S. Postal Service at this time. For private mail delivery or other private applications at this time.
• 4C Pedestal-mount Collection / Drop Boxes include the 4C Collection / Drop Box , and the cabinet + pedestal.
• 4C Collection / Drop Box and Pedestal cabinet shipped together for ease of installation and security during transportation.
• 4C Pedestal stand heights ensure installed height of private Pedestal Unit matches the installation specifications used on our USPS approved wall mount 4C mailboxes.

USPS Approval:

Finish or Material:
Heavy gauge aluminum construction

Finish or Material
Heavy gauge aluminum construction.

Loading and Mounting:
Deposit and collect mail from front of unit. Bottom compartment is prepared for USPS modified arrow lock for retrieval of deposited mail.

Tenant Doors:
Prepared for USPS modified arrow lock

Outgoing Mail:
Outgoing pull down hopper door allows for safe mail deposit. Protective 'fish comb' security and patent pending closing mechanism to protect your outgoing mail

Door Identification:
Engraved doors standard

Technical Information:

Product Cutsheets:
• 4C15S-HOP-PCS.pdf

Single column unit width is 17-1/2". See cut sheet for Rough opening details.

Minimum wall depth of 17" required for Fully-recessed 4C mailboxes

Powder Coat Color Reference

Sandstone (7501C)
- Pebble Finish -

Black (Black 6C)
- Pebble Finish -

Dark Bronze (Black 7C)
- Pebble Finish -

Silver Speck (877C)
- Pebble Finish -

Antique Bronze (8622C)
- Pebble Finish -

Postal Grey (413C)*
- Flat Finish -

Gold Speck (7-5C)
- Pebble Finish -

White (PMS White)
- Pebble Finish -

• Pantone color numbers shown in parentheses for reference purposes only. Printed colors shown here may vary slightly due to printing process.

• Pebble Finish refers to a noticeable texture in the paint which may also affect how the color looks; textures are organic and not identical.

*Flat Finish
(Postal Grey is a flat finish. All other powder coated finishes are now available only in durable pebble texture.)