Bobi Mailbox Collection

Bobi mailboxes are made of stainless steel or zinc plated steel covered with a polyester coating. Our steel is 20 Gauge (1 mm) thick with double layers at the corners for superior strength.

Great looking design: A mailbox that will compliment any home.
Instant curb appeal: Installing a Bobi Mailbox will add a great look in less than an hour.
Super capacity: A mailbox that will hold a week's worth of mail and more so the homeowner does not have to worry about mail when they travel on business or vacation. No having USPS stop their mail or having someone stop over and pick it up.
Security: Mailbox with a secure lock and key that will help prevent mail and identity theft.
Color Selection: Bobi Mailboxes are available in 9 finishes/colors and mailboxes can be mixed by home owner with stand colors to create a real individual look.
USPS Approved: Most Bobi Mailboxes are approved by the USPS so the home owner does not have to worry about Government compliance issues.
Installation flexibility: The only mailbox that can be installed on the porch, at the curb, off the porch steps or anywhere else on the property and still look great.

Note: Please call for availability prior to ordering, as some Bobi items can take up to 8-12 weeks for delivery.