Mail Keeper Column Mail Storage Units

Give your home more curb appeal and yourself more peace of mind, with the MailKeeper™ masonry-ready mailbox system from American Products, LLC.
Distinction starts at the curb with the MailKeeper, enhancing the beauty of your property and adding elegance that suits your style.

The MailKeeper’s large-capacity, locking security box is the ideal solution for busy homeowners who don’t want the hassle of forwarding mail, or the risk of letting mail pile up, showing everyone who passes by that their house is vacant.

The MailKeeper can function in two ways: It can serve as a normal mailbox receptacle, or — with the false floor removed — it can allow your mail to drop into a secure storage area, protected by lock and key.
Retrieve mail from the curbside, or select a model with home-side access to avoid busy streets.