Cubic Planter Pedestal Riser - Free Shipping!

Cubic Planter Pedestal Riser - Free Shipping!
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Item # : KUT-CUPR

Product Description

• Made with real crushed stone, blended with resin and reinforced with fiberglass.
• Looks and feels like real stone, color throughout material.
• More economical than real stone pieces, comparable in price to concrete.
• Lightweight: easier handling, less installation labor, cheaper shipping.
• Sealed with UV resistant matte sealant.

Pedestal risers are ideal for increasing the height of your cubic planter. They are also good for our cubic scupper and cubic planter combinations.

• KUT-CUPR-2406 - Pedestal riser for 24" planter or scupper.
Dimensions: 6" Height x 8" Width x 8" Depth

• KUT-CUPR-3006 - Pedestal riser for 30" planter or scupper.
Dimensions: 6.25" Height x 10" Width x 10" Depth

• KUT-CUPR-3606 - Pedestal riser for 36" planter or scupper.
Dimensions: 6.75" Height x 12" Width x 12" Depth

• KUT-CUPR-4207 - Pedestal riser for 42" planter or scupper.
Dimensions: 7" Height x 14" Width x 14" Depth