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Item # : 4C13S-HOP

Product Description

Collection / Drop Box with pull down hopper for mail collection - designed to match 13-High 4C mailboxes!

Finish off your centralized mail installation with the 4C Hopper Collection Box. Designed to match 4C mailbox suites, this large capacity mail collection box secures your outbound mail and stores it safely until USPS pickup. The perfect accessory to a 4C mailbox installation or a perfect stand-alone mail collection center.

Product Details:

• Collection / Drop Box with pull down hopper for mail collection - designed to match 4C Suite 13-High mailboxes!
• The perfect solution for your outgoing mail collection needs - patent pending and theft resistant hopper allows for safe mail deposit while bottom compartment secures your mail until USPS pickup
• The perfect solution for your complete centralized mail delivery area - a safe means of large outgoing mail collection
• Superior strength, corrosion resistance, and exceptional durability for indoor AND outdoor installations
• For stand-alone mail collection or for a complete centralized mail delivery area, use with Florence 4C mailboxes!

USPS Approval:

Finish or Material:
Heavy gauge aluminum construction

Finish or Material
Heavy gauge aluminum construction

Loading and Mounting:
Deposit and collect mail from front of unit. Bottom compartment is prepared for USPS modified arrow lock for retrieval of deposited mail.

Tenant Doors:
Prepared for USPS modified arrow lock

Outgoing Mail:
Outgoing pull down hopper door allows for safe mail deposit. Protective 'fish comb' security and patent pending closing mechanism to protect your outgoing mail

Door Identification:
Engraved doors standard

Technical Information:

Product Cutsheets:
• 4C13S-HOPCS.pdf

Unit height is 47-3/4". See cut sheet for Rough opening details.

Single column unit width is 17-1/2". See cut sheet for Rough opening details.

Minimum wall depth of 17" required for Fully-recessed 4C mailboxes

Powder Coat Color Reference

Sandstone (7501C)
- Pebble Finish -

Black (Black 6C)
- Pebble Finish -

Dark Bronze (Black 7C)
- Pebble Finish -

Silver Speck (877C)
- Pebble Finish -

Antique Bronze (8622C)
- Pebble Finish -

Postal Grey (413C)*
- Flat Finish -

Gold Speck (7-5C)
- Pebble Finish -

White (PMS White)
- Pebble Finish -

• Pantone color numbers shown in parentheses for reference purposes only. Printed colors shown here may vary slightly due to printing process.

• Pebble Finish refers to a noticeable texture in the paint which may also affect how the color looks; textures are organic and not identical.

*Flat Finish
(Postal Grey is a flat finish. All other powder coated finishes are now available only in durable pebble texture.)