Chime Model 689

Chime Model 689
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Silver Powder Coat Finish

Gold Powder Coat Finish

Sliding Viewer


Item # : FL689

Product Description

Auth Chimes Model 689

Mechanical Door chime with round mirror viewer and name cards.

Auth non-electric door chimes are the perfect alternative to wired doorbell systems. Low maintenance, attractive and inexpensive alternatives for your residents.

Product Details:
• Mechanical door chime with standard viewer.
• Auth Chimes are a non electric, self contained mechanical door chime design. With a sleek and retro look, it's the perfect door enhancer to any apartment! Easy to install and no wiring to worry about!
• Auth Chimes are a high quality, maintenance free door enhancement. Comes complete with chime button, metal faceplate, and plastic cover. One way viewers add safety by allowing residents to see out through a sliding viewer while preventing visitors from .
• Announcing visitors with a distinctive and pleasant two note musical tone while adding a retro flair to your apartment!
• Modern, large square mirror viewer for sleek look and apartment name and number identification plate (paper tags included for labeling).
• Attractive and long lasting aluminum faceplate on face of door and sleek plastic cover w/sliding viewer on door interior..

Finish or Material:
• Available in Anodized Silver finish.

Loading and Mounting:
Each chime comes complete with installation template, and
mounting hardware for doors up to 4-3/4" thick.
Do it yourself easy installation with a drill and screwdriver, no
wrestling with wiring or hiring an electrician!

Door Identification:
Chime is 6-5/8"H x 3"W