Hinges Replacement Set

Hinges Replacement Set
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Item # : MAN-HINGE

Product Description

Before ordering replacement hinges you will need to determine which style of hinges are on your mailbox. Please refer to Hinge Replacement Guide for help finding the correct style of hinges.

The main cause of hinges breaking is that the screws on the hinge pins are coming loose, or your magnet has fallen off the frame and your door is not staying closed. We recommend you put a little thread locker (available at auto parts store)on the threads of the screws before inserting. This will help keep them from loosening. Use the blue formula so you can remove them later if necessary. A periodic cleaning to remove dirt, salt from roads, etc will help also. Lubricate pins with a graphite spray to keep them operating smoothly.

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Hinge Replacement GuideHinge Replacement Guide

Hinge Installation InstructionsHinge Installation Instructions