High Security Cluster Box Units (HSCBU Mailboxes)

The vigilant 1565 series high security cluster box units were designed specifically for the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. Built to combat mail theft and reduce break-in damage in high crime areas, its robust security features make the vigilant HSCBU incredibly secure. This product line is an extension of our already strong vital CBU series with the benefit of additional tamper resistant features. Give your neighborhood that extra peace of mind by adding a vigilant CBU.

Unique HSCBU Features:
• Thicker, reinforced gate
• Special security collar on all compartment locks
• Heavier gauge aluminum cabinet wrapper
• Larger diameter 1/4" hinge rod on all doors
• Reinforced shelf above and below the carrier access door to deter break-ins
• Stainless steel parcel door hinge for added strength
• Heavy duty stainless steel pedestal

Clearance Sale! Limited time offer while supplies last. Limited quantity available. Call for availability on orders with multiple units.