Identity Theft Solutions

Identity Theft Solutions

Your mail contains everything from bank statements to credit card account numbers, even your Social Security Number. Everything a thief needs to steal your identity and your good name.

Nearly 10 million people were victims of identity theft last year. It took the victim, on average, 14-16 months and over $800 to clear their names.

Protect yourself from this fast growing crime. A locking mailbox insert from Special Lite Products can help.Delivering Mail to insert.

• This important security device installs with only four screws, firmly attaches to the bottom of the mailbox, and cannot be removed without the key.
• Manufactured from rust free, powder coated aluminum.
• The VHS-tape sized slot allows all your important mail to go into the secure interior.
• An angled flange keeps anyone from reaching in and pulling the mail out before you get there.
• Magazines and junk mail can be placed atop the locking insert box.

Made from the same durable materials as the mailbox itself, our mailbox locking insert will last. Locking inserts are available in two models, one perfect for use with our Town Square Mailboxes and one designed for our Classic, Floral, and Hummingbird curbside mailboxes. A Locking Insert for our horizontal residential boxes is coming soon.

Item #LB-997 Locking Insert
• Fits Town Square Curbside Mailbox.

Item #LB-998 Locking Insert
• Fits Classic, Floral, and Hummingbird Curbside Mailboxes.