Illuminated Classic Address Block

Illuminated Classic Address Block
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Shown in natural grey with two lines of text, standard text style.

Shown in natural grey with two lines of text, standard text style.

Shown in natural grey with two lines of text, elegant style.

Item # : Illuminated-Classic

Product Description

Illuminated Classic cast stone address block with deep etched numbers, graphic* (optional), and street name (optional).

Please be aware that our cast address plaques are a custom product and may take between 4 and 6 weeks to ship.

An Illuminated address provides security by allowing emergency personel to quickly & easily identify your home at night.

Illuminated with efficient LED lighting,
using only 4 1/2 watts of power.

No bulbs to replace. LEDs can last for 10 years
running 12 hours a day***.

Included Photo control will illuminate
address block only when dark.

Dimensions: 16 1/4" x 12 1/2" x 3 1/4".

Address Block
Pre-Installed LED Light Bar
12V AC Adapter
Electronic Photo Control
(Consult an Electrician for installation)
(We recomend installing photo control under eves in soffit)

This Address Block is ready for new construction or remodeling where it can be mortared with the brick. For existing finished brick surfaces, please select the "Drilled Holes For Surface Mounting" option below.

Acid Washing is a way to give the address block a rough look exposing the sand underneath the top surface. NOTE: Like natural stone some color variation is to be expected. Therefore, we cannot guarantee an exact color.

*Selection of a graphic requires vertical orientation of the block.
**See surface mounting instructions.
***Based on laboratory tests, 1 year warranty included.

Download Files

Address Block GraphicsAddress Block Graphics

Surface-mount Installation InstructionsSurface-mount Installation Instructions

Illuminated Classic Installation InstructionsIlluminated Classic Installation Instructions