Lincoln Lantern Post

Lincoln Lantern Post
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Lincoln Lantern Post shown with (optional) Cupola Lantern - Vinyl/Copper top

Cupola Lantern (optional) - Vinyl/Copper top

Cupola Lantern (optional) - Vinyl/Patina top

Item # : RCLPL

Product Description

Lincoln Lantern Post with (optional) Cupola Lantern

Choose from a beautiful collection of posts that will bring your home’s style to a whole new level then add the perfect lantern designed to greet you and your guests with a warm welcome.

Posts are made of a cellular pvc-vinyl and handcrafted with great quality and attention to detail, each design promises lasting beauty and durability through the years.

Lincoln Lantern Post - 76" Standard Vinyl Post with Raised Panel Base

Cupola Lantern(optional) - 14” Sq. x 24” High