Norwood 48" Cupola Copper Top

Norwood 48" Cupola Copper Top
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Product Description

Select Series Cupolas
If you need a special way to enhance your garage, outbuilding, or home, the Select Series Cupola will provide you with beauty and charm. These cupolas are constructed of Azek Trimboards (a maintenance free cellular PVC-vinyl), or a premium grade of white pine, which is primed and ready to coat with a paint of your choice. Available with windows or louvered midsections, with straight or pagoda roof styles.
• Cupola size is derived from the measurement of the base width.
• Cupolas come in 2 or 3 sections for easier shipping and installation.
• All louvered cupolas can provide ventilation for your structure.
• Windows are removable for ease of installing a light fixture.
• 60" and 72" cupolas come standard with double midsections.
• Available with stained glass and copper louver options.
• Available in 18, 22, 24", 30", 36", 42", 48, 60, and 72" sizes.

Weathervane mount included.
* Select Series cupolas will accommodate up to a 10-12 pitch roof.
For larger pitch roofs add a base extension(s).

Optional Features - Select Series.
(please call or email us if you would like to add any of these options to your cupola order)
• Base Extension
• Base - Crown Moulding
• Base Cutout
• Screening
• Apply Staybrite / Copper
• Apply Patina / Copper
• Stained Glass Window
• Copper Louvers
• Colored Louvers
• Lantern Mount for Post Lantern

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