Package Concerge

Package Concerge
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Product Description

Shopping online continues to grow in popularity resulting in growing numbers of packages delivered to homes. Many homeowners are away during prime package delivery hours. Packages left sitting in the open on porch steps or other visible locations invite theft. “Porch Pirates” follow parcel delivery carriers looking for unattended packages to steal. Unprotected packages may also be damaged by weather.

MyPackageConcierge® provides parcel carriers a secure place to deposit packages.

Designed to seamlessly integrate in an exterior wall of the home, packages are out of sight from porch pirates. Guards packages from rain and other harmful elements. Internal compartment (34”x12”x15”) accepts popular package sizes and multiple small packages of varying sizes.

Each major parcel carrier company offers services that provide customers with email or text alerts that…
• provides information re: package delivery progress
• notifies customer when package is delivered

Informed Delivery from the U.S. Postal Service also provides an email with images of the mail being delivered daily in addition to providing package tracking notifications Package delivery notifications are available for any customer with a residential address Signing up is fast, easy and free!