Rockwood Double Mail Post

Rockwood Double Mail Post
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Item # : MPST5811

Product Description

Double It Up... Ideal for sharing, or multi-family units. This classic will stand the test of time and the test of kids.

• Unique New England styled product offering the timeless charm of the East Coast, installs easily over a standard 4x4 wood post(not included).
• Rockwood Double mail post is made from high quality polyethylene with built in UV inhibitors for long lasting protection from the elements.
• Product ships in 2 boxes (post / 2x paper holder support arms).
• Available in white, clay, granite and black
• Product dimensions are 18.25" x 22.75" x 56.5"
• Medium mailbox recommended, minimum 6 1/2" width. Best suited for mailboxes weighing less than 8lbs.

Included in the price:
• Rockwood Double mail post with 2x support arms.

Optional items:
• Rural Mailboxes. (recommended mailboxes for Rockwood Double mail post)
• No-Dig Ground Screw.
• 4x4 wood post. (not available online, see your local hardware store)

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No-dig Ground Screw Line DrawingsNo-dig Ground Screw Line Drawings