Script House Numbers, Small

Script House Numbers, Small
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Item # : SHN-SM

Product Description

Script house numbers are made of rust-free aluminum and are available in black or gold paint finishes.

Script numbers are sold as sets. Pre-designed script house numbers are either whole words or suffixes that combine to make whole words. For instance, if your address consists of five numbers 13549, you will need the following sets of characters.
(Set 1) = Thirteen
(Set 2) = Thousand
(Set 3) = Five
(Set 4) = Hundred
(Set 5) = Forty
(Set 6) = Nine

Available sizes:
• Small sizes - Capital letters are approximately 3.125-inches high, lower case are approx 1.5-inches high.

Characters width is roughly the same as its height. Please make sure to have plenty of space for mounting. Typically, you will need to allow 10-inches of height for placement

$8.00 per character. For example, "Nine" is 4 characters ($8 x 4 characters = $32).
Please note: Items initial cost is $8.00. This amount applies credit only to Script Characters (Set 1).
Script Characters (Set 2-6) are listed in shopping cart at a full price without any reductions.