Sea Horse Vertical Mailbox

Sea Horse Vertical Mailbox
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Item # : AF-1741

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Seahorses are one of the most interesting creatures in the ocean, having their own special look that fascinates people. They typical live in sheltered, shallow, warm, and tropical waters. These areas can include eelgrass beds, coral reefs, seaweed and/or mangroves. Clinging to anything they can grab with their tail they camouflage themselves extremely well. Thus allowing them to hide from predators and pray alike. As you can see the seahorse is one of nature’s most creative wonders. For this reason we created the seahorse vertical wall mount mailbox. Each of our mailboxes are handmade of solid brass and made to order. Thus allowing you to customize your mailbox in three simple steps. First select one of our hand applied patina finishes. Second select a custom piece of art glass to mount behind the seahorses.

• Made in the USA
• Solid Brass
• Quiet Closing Lid
• Six Patina Finish Choices
• Optional heavy duty magazine rack
• Optional locking door

Dimensions 9.5"W x 5.5"D x 12.25"H

Price: $139.00
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Price: $84.00
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Price: $195.00
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