Builder Series Sign Systems

Builder Series Sign Systems
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DOT Approved Builder Series Sign System

All Poles DOT Approved!

Specify a Finial and Base

Our street signs are constructed entirely of aluminum and stainless steel (will not rust or rot). Cast aluminum sign frames for all residential traffic sign shapes can be bolted onto the pole. All signs are built to DOT specs which measure 7' from bottom of first sign to ground unless designated otherwise. Overall height is determined by configuration. Poles come in three lengths: 14' 6", 12', 11'. Pole diameter is 3" OD.

Street sign blades and frames are of cast aluminum. Specify either hanging (H) or bolt-on (B). A scroll arm (SA) is needed for hanging blades or hanging blade frames. Raised letter blades are two sided in black, white or dark green. The raised letters and border come in black, gold, or reflective white. Custom colors available.

Builder Series Signs are approved by the
U.S. Department of Transporta-
tion (DOT), meeting the standards
outlined in the National Coopera-
tive Highway Research Program
(NCHRP) Report 350 designed for
the National Highway System (NHS).
All poles-A, and B Series are ap-
proved. Meeting this requirement
allows our products to be used on
any roadway, whether it's a part of
the NHS or not.

Specify a Blade

RLB-B Cast Aluminum Raised Letter Blade (bolt-on).Use raised letter blades whenever you want the elegant look of old world castings.
Mounting brackets are included.

RLB-B-ORN Raised Letter Blade
(bolt-on) with ornate decorative scrolls.
Add optional scroll to your raised letter blades
Mounting brackets are included.

RLB-LOGO Cast Aluminum Raised
Letter Blade
(bolt-on) with logo.
Logos are designed to meet your communities logo requirements, call or email us with your need (min 10 pcs).

BFS Cast Aluminum Raised
Letter Blade
(hanging) with scroll arm
with scroll arm.

Decorative Scroll
(bolt-on) frame with logo on bottom (scroll w/logo can be put on top).

PPB-12 Single-sided Mounting Brackets.
Can be used in lieu of back plates to hold any standard sign faces.
PPB-13 Double-sided Economy Mounting Brackets.
Use double sided economy brackets to save money. Designed to hold (2) signs back to back. Can be used on all standard sign faces in lieu of back plates.

Example of a custom logo
call for more info

New! Arched RLB
Arch Raised Letter Blade - cast aluminum.
$279.00 plus shipping
(shown with optional color and vinyl lettering)
Call for more info or to place an order.

Decorative Hanging DHSA-POLY
Scroll Arm with Polymetal Sign.
(shown with vinyl lettering)
Call for more info or to place an order.

Sl Bayview Solar Lamp
call for more info

Plain Blade Frame 6" BFP
Call for more info or to place an order.

Available Colors



Aged Bronze

Verde Green

Builder Series Poles All poles are 3" Diameter.

Pole Length #1: 11' Will work best with (all other signs)
Pole Length #2: 12' Will work best with (30" backplates, signs or larger)
Pole Length #3: 14'6" This will work best with combo street signs (stop sign + street name signs)

Please call or email us if you need help ordering your streetsign system.

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Lead time is approximately 2-3 weeks to ship this item.