Winchester Large Brass Mailbox w/Flag

Winchester Large Brass Mailbox w/Flag
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3'' Polished Brass Mailbox Numbers. Numbers are permanently riveted to the front door.

3'' Antique Patina Brass Mailbox Numbers. Numbers are permanently welded to the front door. Please allow 3-4 weeks lead-time.

Item # : WCH-115F

Product Description

The Winchester Brass Mailbox from heavy gauge solid brass sheet and bar stock, our mailboxes are hand made in U.S.A.

Our Mailboxes
We take pride in offering only the highest quality workmanship, resulting in a heavy, solid, refined feel. The Winchester Mailbox for example has over 150 individual spot welds and each component is hand cut. The flags sit straight and the movement is smooth as we insulate the mounting hardware with two nylon sleeves. The door uses a solid brass or stainless steel continuous hinge and magnetic catch. It has uniform seams and snaps shut, just as you would expect from a well-built automobile.

Antique Patina Finish
This is a unique, proprietary finish first offered in the late 1980's and discovered by accident using a blend of chemical and hand worked processes on brass. The PAP Finish is NOT uniform nor is it intended to be. Each box is hand finished and will vary from one to the next depending on many factors including, temperature, humidity, and variations in metal composition.
When new, the finish will have varying degrees of red and brown, with even some pink and yellow possible. As it ages, all the colors will darken and dull, becoming more uniform with time. This is a natural brass finish, uncoated, and is designed to darken and dull with age. The amount of patina IF ANY (blue/green highlights), will not increase over time even if exposed to the ocean.
Our brass products are truly pieces of art, each one with it's own individual character.
PLEASE NOTE: If you are ordering welded numbers, the lead time for manufacture is 6-10 weeks.

Dims: 10.25" Width x 11.25" Height x 21" Depth.
Weight: 19 lbs